In 1996 I acquire my first animal store in the Vital-Aza street of Madrid and know S. propietary P.(antigua the store) Is the first person who introduces sphynx in Spain, and the only one that dedicates itself to the young in those years,  this way I know the race, an exceptional character, almost dog, lacks external parasites, they do not leave hairs by house, and they have an expression different from any other race, an almost perfect cat!

Today in day along with my pair we are enamored with the race sphynx, ¨Cartier¨ our male cream tabby, has stayed as champion (C.A.C.) in three of the four exhibitions that have appeared and international champion (C.A.C.I.) in fourth, all our units descend from the best chaste ones of sphynx with of but high percentage of champions who can be found in each pais, we have obtained exemplary in the best deposits of sphynx of Russia, France, Belgica and Spain.

In this pagina it will try to shape everything what sphynx happens to us in this adventure of the cats, we hoped that this experience serves other people that they want to begin in the new young of this chaste one of the cat, want to have a mascot with true personality,  or any person that has curiosity. 

Many other Persian race and criadores have seen Filo'n in this given race the prices that reach, quickly changing the units of their deposit by sphynx, this race cannot raise nor live in cages or deposits since the females need much attention as much, the males and those that but the puppies that habitually need aid to come out ahead, it is a very affectionate race and for anything independent, and we did not advise the purchase in any "same prolific farm" that habitually is camouflaged being called to if "familiar deposit" and tries to discredit to which really sphynx worries to us to the race I have we tried that it has every time but followers, if purchases sphynx of a deposit asegúrate of which he has not been bred in cages and if in familiar atmosphere or it will be common that he has psychological traumas or problems that marked their character of adults. Also to emphasize that a puppy does not have to be of company if has good quality and much less to have a price of company and another one without castrating since  a serious criador must decide its purpose based on its quality of the unit and of not seeing a "future competition" when giving them without castrating, as in all the races a good unit gives to its genes and quality to its descendants.

We did not dedicate ourselves to the massive young, our cats they live with us or in house of my brothers, not in cages,  and have access to all the house, the experience has shown to us that is better to raise with several females simultaneously, since they are not perfect mothers and is habitual the abandonments and crushings and can be resorted to change to an adoptive mother, this accepted them willingly, our units gives the possibility us of having almost all the existing colors, we did not sin of consanguinity, a very frequent problem we transmitted our passion by the race, giving it to know but the possible thing in Spain.


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