The history of esfinge of Canada (SPHYNX)

The ancestor of sphynx

Although from years 30 of century XX the descriptions of the cat without hair of Paraguay exist, the illustrated description of congenital hipotrichosis (hereditary alopecia)

Between the domestic feline animals we got to know thanks to Mr. J. Shinick (* *)of the Alburquerque city, New Mexico. In 1903  it publishes an informed book - "the cat book" (Book of the cat), where it determines to two cats like "race of Mexico without hair", these were the gift of the local Indians of Town, who were a smaller 25%, than the cats local domestic servants of short hair. (Male 4,5kg and females 3kg.), in ordinary time these cats carecian of  hairs and during the time cubria fried the hair its average part of back and tail.

Mexican cats of  the Sr.J. Shinick (* *)

q. ra (* 0) (*) Dove

Mr. J. Shinick showed these cats in the exhibitions of races, but never he was able successfully to reproduce it this race until the death of the cats.

 In April 1935 the French magazine Vie to the Champagne (* 1)prints I articulate with the photos of two cats without hair that is called him chat nu "the bald cat". These cats        had been generated by two females of the same deposit Kremlin Bicetre (France) the two died the 1931 without succession. The same one I articulate dealed with the kittens without hair, that     generated cats domestic servants, young with which later they were covered  with hair completely.

 In the 30 years  The Journal of Heredity I publish two informed articles that dealed with two cats without hair. One was born in Vilmington, North Carolina, born of a female   of normal hair and the other born of a Siamese female in Paris. The Siamese cats had been described by the university professor of veterinary medicine And Letard, that I notice the hair distinctions      , the existence of  three precise phases of the development of hair from the birth to the sixth month.

(* 1)


The Journal of Heredity I publish two last articles on the cats without hair, even study of set of the lineage of Bawa (it see down) in 1973 and the 1984, even the descriptions of the Burman kittens been born in Great British in the period from 1978 to 1982. These kittens had short moustaches or they did not have them and its skin was greasy, died of several diseases when they were 10 days old. He I complete study of these cats of Birma in Genetics (en1981) supposed the connection between hair absence and the lethal gene, in addition in information to Houston the Smiths and Rita Tenhove who took care the young of cats without hair  described the pathological peculiarity of lineage of Bawa that was the cause of the deaths of females, adults, who suffered of a tumoración of brain. Without paying attention to that in the second part of century XX no longer were such information. In addition the races before mentioned were not used in contemporary lineages of sphynx.



                    Sphynx present

The young of the races without hair that were called sphynx began in the middle of the Sixties in the Ontario city, Canada with the birth to a Elizabeth female of black and white color a Prune kitten without hair. Mister Ridyardh Bawa, scientist of the university of Toronto, the 1966 I buy these cats and I name "minstones" and "cats without hair of Canada".  He was united to his mother who dedicated itself long ago to the young of Siamese cats and, along with Kees and Rita Tenhove, they were   first in managing to define the recesiva nature of gene of shortage of present hair of sphynx. They also transformed these knowledge into an effective program of        young of cats that with the passage of time could reproduce.

 With the help of the association of the lovers of cats (CFA) the Tenhove was first in obtaining for their race the provisional status for exhibition, but the 1971 the CFA      advice I annul its decision when including/understanding that this race was scarce of a precise standard, as well as the combination of genes complete. Just a short time later the program of young     of cats of Bawa and the Tenhove finish with the death of the last cats, servants by Bawa: Mewsi-Kal Johnny, Mewsi-Kal Starsky (sold to Hugo Hernández(***), Holland) and Epidermis (sold to David Mare, California)But they were incapable to reproduce stable races.

Hathor de Calecat puppy and with 15 years (* 2)

Today the race sphynx, like the many others, is the remarkable young of the synchronous work of the nature and specialists.In 1970 in North America they appear two types of cats of short hair that were heads of lineage of the modern race of sphynx. The first head of lineage of esfinge registered arose in the middle of the anuses 80 in Vadena (Minnesota), in the farm of Milt and Ethelyn Pearson, that identified the kittens without hair between one of their litters of cats of short hair. Another variety of cat without hair was identified at the end of the 70 and at the beginning of the 80 by Shirley Smiths, who of dedicated to the young of the Siamese cats in Toronto (Notary)

Bambi of Aztec (* 3)

Three cats without hair, servants by Mrs. Smith, were generated by three litters different from a female domestic servant without hair and black and white color, that I mate every time with different male. The first one of the kittens, Bambi (* 3), was a target-black male, was born in 1978, it was castrated, and in conclusion, I give it Birks to Pretty (prolific Aztec, Vaterloo, Otario), where the 1997 to the 19 years died. Two following heads of lineage of sphynx Dove (*)y Punkie(*4), the cats, born the 1979 and the 1980 corresponding, gave to doctor Hugo, Danish specialist in young of the cats. When


 it saw the inviabilidad of young by means of mating of these females with the male of the lineage first of sphynx of Bawa that           was called Musy-Cal Statsky, he castrates it and matches up to Punkie(4) with Will cure van Jetrophin, a cat of short enough hair     of the race devonrex, obtained to a litter of kittens sphynx with the degree different from short hair. I use two males of this Ramses litter, Ra(*0) and their sister of Punkie litter (* 4) and the future descendants in the systematic and selective program of the reproduction of relatives, doctor Hernandez (* * *)y their companions Tonya Vink (prolific Ajahanda, the Netherlands), Hanna Nathans (prolific Calecat, Francia(*2)), Phillippe/Aline Noel (prolific Amenophis, France) managed to develop the race in 3 years. At the same time the race was accepted in the championship of Association of the lovers of cats TICA.

Punkie(* 4)

While doctor Hernandez and others worked on the race sphynx in Europe 


 Kim Mueske of the deposit Z.Stardust, Trigard, (Oregon) the same thought about the U.S.A. When acquiring two females without hair: Pirson and Epidermis(*7), this completes I generate in 1976 to descending Dermis of the brown cat classic domestic servant to rays without hair  Jesabelle(*6)


  • At the same time Georgian Gattenby (prolific Jen-Jude, Brenerd, Minnesota) used other cats of smooth hair children of Pirson to match up with cornish rex to them, to create its own lineage. The last cats of that race, were acquired and bred by Branda Pain (prolific Winelocket, New York)y were accepted to raise in the Rinkurl deposit (Smooth Bressler, New York) in end of anuses 80

Mrs. Mueske during 5 years I dedicate myself to the development of its program to raise sphynx by way of crossing these cats of short hair          americanos(AMS). At the same time the Georgian Gattenby of the deposit Jen-Jude, Brenerd(Minnesota) with other cats without hair of Pirson to match up to them with  devonrex, to create its own lineage. The last cats of that race, acquired and bred by Branda Pain of the Winelocket deposit, (New York), went to stop to   the Rinkurl deposit property of Smooth Bressler, (New York) at the end of years 80.

Lady Godiva (* 5)

The 1985 Walt, Carol Richards (prolific Britanya, Texas) raised with female of devonrex Aída Lott de Britanya that was    

 campeona of Europe in short hair. They were based on the knowledge of the young of the cats of doctor Hernandez.

Jezabelle and Epidermis (* 6 and * 7)

                                          The result of this mating was the litter of 4 sphynx, among them Lady Godiva(*5), that it was also made first main champion (TGS) TICA and the best cat of short hair of spring 1987  and the real champion (QGS) - British Lord And, and became the first reproducer enrolled in TICA.

 After 3 months Kim Mueske as a result of I by chance match up Epidermis with a Devonrex with the hair quite smooth Cantaur's call Hercules, were born 2 sphynx: Winnie  and Rinkle of the prolific Z. Stardust, that was the first female in TICA, after its acquisition and creation by Smooth Bressler.

Desert Storm de Gunzhof (* 8)

George Burns
of Jinjorbred (* 9)

During he completes decade sphynx developed a combination to it of genes very different from all the other races.

 This profit thanks to the selective mating with devonrex (DRX)y cats of short hair americanos(AMS), the intelligent direction of eminent criadores like Amenophis, stallion Britanya andRinkurl, as well as selection of sphynx, like: Desert Storm de Gunzhof property of Pat Stevenson (New York(*8)), Gidget Goes Naked de Cattery property of Donna Roberds (Arkansas), George Burns de Jinjorbred (Sherry Jordan, Arizona(*9)), Hari de Grandpoz property of Pat Depew (Misisipi), Mexican Natural and Misty de Britanya property of Walt/Carol Richards (Texas).



In the Nineties the race sphynx continued conquering the popularity between the lovers of cats and profit the affiliation in the American Association of Lovers of Gatos (ACFA) in 1994


At the moment main societies exist international that take care the young of sphynx (ISBFA, NASAR. PSA, SARA, SCC, WCF, CFA, TICA) and at least 150-200 specialists of the young of sphynx by the world who enjoy the tribute  all before mentioned investigators of this race.

It is impossible to describe the efforts applied during the selection throughout the short life of this magnifies race, but now You can see the results of this nonsingle work in our Web, also in any feline exhibition. The work with the race is made taking in account certain rules in which the important paper plays nonsingle the blood purity, but also the respect and affection towards the animals.

If stays interested in knowing the origin some cat sphynx I recommend the pagina to you:

  Famous curiosities and sphynx

(*10)                                                    (*11)                                             (*12)                                                  (13)

 The cats property of  Rinkurl were models of the painters for the cover of rock-album of year 1997 of the Aerosmith group "9 lives" (Nine Lives) (*10)

l also known sphynx Belfry Mel Gibskin that aparecio in the Friend series next to Jennifer Anniston (*11)

And like not the cat CGS Ted Nudegent de Belfy (property of Michelle Berge, California) that appeared like mister Bigglesworth in 1997 in the North American film Austin Powers (International Man of Mistery) and also named by the Cats magazine the cat of year 1999. (*12)

And the announcement of maquinillas Gilette  of which we do not know the origin of the cat (13)

In the mixed class of CFA (Bob Mullen and Marc Coast, the Angels) I gain he I title of TICA of Better cat of international short hair in the feline exhibitions of years 1991-1992.

CGS Apophis Nordstrom of the Classicalcats deposit (proprietors: Marilyn Keith, New Hampshire and Kathy Wolfe, Massachusetts; Servant by Tammy Poole, Maryland) I gain he I title of TICA of Better castrated international cat in 1998.

Siempre we have looked for the perfect animal with selection and every time but they appear animals without hair, the alopecia fascinates, podeis to see the two races of dogs without Chinese ¨crestado       hair without pelo¨ here and to ¨perro it pounds of peru¨; also to the two races but of cats without hair ¨don sphynx¨ and ¨peterbald¨ and a fascinating rodent "the bald rat".

And the recent well-known and fascinating cat of hawaiano rubber or cat kohona, all a peculiarity!