Esfinge of Canada: the Standard of TICA

Size: he is average
Form: He is triangular, cleared, but it releases that wide
Skull: he is slightly full with the flat front part
Profile: the nose presents/displays light or average a convexity (stop)
Pómulos: they are salient
Nose and chin: the nose strong and is cleared with an outstanding space for moustaches affluent and the firm chin and very developed

Length: she is average
Form: it is cleared and developed muscles affluent
Particularitity: he is a little curved from shoulders to the principle of the skull. He is strong, specially in the males

Form: they are of wide base and very opened
Size: very great
Position: she is straight, the ears are not very down and not very above in the head
Particularitity: without hair in the inner part and slightly hairy to base in the outside

Form: they are round
Size: they are great
Expression: a little extended until the outer edge of the ears. The distance between the eyes is slightly greater than the size of eye

Size: he is average
Length: it can be varied of average to a little extended
Chest: he is wide, but it can be similar to a barrel
Abdomen: he is round. It seems that the cats have eaten much. But the abdomen is not heavy
Constitution: she is average
Musculación: well it is developed, but she is not graceful

Form: he is flexible and it lives, narrowed towards the end
Length: he is proportional to the body

Length: he is proportional to the body. The back legs are but long that the advantages. These are very separated.
Constitution: she is average
Musculación: they are strong and muscular

Form: it is of oval form with the long and elegant fingers
Size: he is average
Pads: they are fatter than those of other races. Dice this peculiarity, seems that it slides with the help of air bags
Fingers: very long, graceful and they are developed

Hair and skin
Length: fine hair of the skin has an almost imperceptible texture to the eye.
Texture: Hair like with tact of before. When caressing some units have the sensation of tact of peach skin.
Moustaches: Short and they are curved or nonexistent.
Wrinkles: the puppies have the skin with many wrinkles. The adults must retain but wrinkles possible, specially in the head, although the amount of the wrinkles does not have to be so excessive that it can affect the normal activity of cat.

The cats are too small. The body is fine, fragile or graceful in excess. The body is excessively great and rustico. The wrinkles are scarce in the head. The profile is straight. The head is narrow. The character is disobedient. Great amount of hair this over the ankle.

It does not have prizes.
The waved hair or the supposition of which the cat is cornish or devonrex bald. Signals of shaving, cut or other procedures of hair elimination. The aggressiveness of the cat is high, that does not allow judge to take it in arms.



Head - 35 p.
a.. Form and size - 5 p.
b.. Nose and chin - 5 p.
c.. Profile - 5 p.
d.. Pómulos - 5 p.
e.. Eyes - 5 p.
f.. ears - 10 p.

Body - 35 p.
a.. Chest - 10 p.
abdomen - 10 p.
Legs - 5 p.
d.. Tail - 5 p.
e.. neck - 5 p.


Hair and skin - 25 p.

Color - 5 p.